Custom Election signs:            Our Union bug is printed upon request

Custom election and political signs can be an important part of local, county or state elections. Signs may help very quickly raise your name recognition, create a sense of momentum and help create an organizational structure for your campaign. While recent researches have found that yard signs may recruit new voters, they allow current supporters to feel connected to the campaign and apparently show their support. For campaigns that want to place yard signs, find volunteers and friends help to place your signs in the key areas, will help both with engaging current supporters and establishing your campaign’s public relations within your local community.

Why Choose Unionized Printer,

By choosing a Unionized Printing Company and have Union bug (label) printed on your printed material, you are showing your support for Union Printers. Whose Benefits Included: Better working conditions, Achieving higher pay and benefits and safety standards. Workers who are paid fairly help support the economy rather than deplete it. Unionized workers understand the importance of the local economy and small business and typically take pride in products American made.

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